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City Architect’s Office Releases Interactive Map of Brno’s Retail Stores

The survey is the 7th since 1990 and will be used primarily as a basis for the city’s planning strategy. Photo credit: KK.

Brno, Feb 11 (BD) – A new web application released by the City Architect’s Office provides an interactive map of Brno’s retail and service facilities, allowing users to browse the data to find out which areas of Brno have the largest concentration of shops, where the city is most alive during the day and night, and which services can be accessed at what time and place. The map includes 7,628 retail spaces, based on data collected by the City Architect’s Office between October and December 2017. Over half of the retail and service facilities are located in the city centre district.

According to the data, large and small grocery stores occupy the largest share of retail space in the city, around a quarter of the total. In services, the most common facilities are related to hospitality, especially restaurants and cafes. The map also allows users to filter for specific types of shops, meaning they could highlight only the stationery shops in the city, for example.

As well as information filtering, the map allows two data sets to be layered over each other, such as the density of stores layered over the area of shop floors. The map also includes data about when each shop is open, allowing users to track the number of shops open over time. This reveals that around 60% of premises are open on Saturdays, dropping to 30% on Sundays.

You can browse the interactive map for yourself here.

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