In Pictures: Work on Revitalisation of Svratka Waterfront to Begin Shortly

The proposed works have the twin aims of strengthening the city’s flood defences and creating a new area for sport and recreation on the riverside. While the proposal awaits final planning permission from the council, advance preparatory work is to begin ahead of the construction works, along the area of riverside from the swimming pool at Riviera to the viaduct at Uhelná.

Brno, Jan 25 (BD) – The “River Svratka waterfront – implementation of flood control measures of Brno, Stage VII and VIII” project began ten years ago as a plan to improve the flood defences, but was opened to a competitive tender for a complete redesign of the area, which was won by a design team led by the late Professor Ivan Ruller. This project is now about to enter the implementation phase.

Describing the current status of the project, Deputy Mayor Petr Hladík said that: “The proposal has been developed into documentation for the city’s planning managers and is currently going through the process of planning permission approval. The proposal has already received an environmental impact assessment.”

The project envisages the construction of offshore floodplain walls, mostly soil and grasses, which will make the banks accessible and allow the construction of a network of footpaths and cycle lanes. On the left bank there will be a colonnade with recreational facilities and access to the water. Flood protection will be built in close conjunction with nature to protect and increase biodiversity in the area, and there will also be more grassed areas along the river. Some trees will also be removed as part of the revitalisation, mainly non-native and invasive species. Hladík added that the city plans to plant more trees in other areas of Brno to compensate.

Overall, the River Svratka revitalisation project will cost around CZK 340 million, and will be part-financed from the City of Brno budget and partly from the Environment Operational Program.

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