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NdB: Dvořák’s Rusalka Takes Center Stage

Antonín Dvořák is among the most famous names connected to the Czech lands; a new version of his most famous opera, Rusalka, will premiere at Janáček Theatre this Friday.

The production has a star-studded cast. The role of Rusalka will be performed by Jana Šrejma Kačírková, the role of the prince by Peter Berger, and the role of the water goblin by Jan Št’áva. Additional roles include Eliška Gattringerová as the Foreign Princess, Václava Krejčí Housková as the Witch, Doubravka Součková, Ivana Pavlů and Monika Jägerová as the Wood Nymphs and Tadeáš Hoza as the Hunter.

This new version of Rusalka is based on Lars-Åke Thessman’s original set design for Rusalka at the Gothenburg Opera 2012.

Director David Radok has created an interpretation of Rusalka as a fateful drama about unfulfilled desires and human failure, and about the contradictory conflict between love and erotic desire. Put simply, it is a drama about the sinful human soul.

The anticipated premiere, which is sold out, will also feature conductor Marko Ivanović.

The production takes place as part of the Year of Czech Music.

The premiere will take place this Friday at 7 pm at the Janáček Theatre. Subsequent springtime performances are April 7, 8 and 24, and May 3 and 25. It will be staged in Czech, with Czech, English, and German subtitles.

Click here for the full NdB schedule and ticket information, in English.


NdB Ballet is working towards another big premiere for director and choreographer Mário Radacovsky. This time he is applying his creativity to clothing with Coco Chanel.

Anticipation for Coco Chanel is high. The ballet will premiere on 3 May at the Mahen Theatre, and include opportunities for youth to experience the beauty of dance. Additional performances will be May 4 and 11.


(R)Evolution continues its local run with additional performances on 6 April and 10 May. The play addresses the pressing issues of our future. Written by Yael Ronen, a playwright and theatre director of Israeli descent, it is described as a dystopian cabaret that uses a witty and provocative form to draw attention to the potential consequences of ill-considered technological progress. It is based on the book “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by best-selling Israeli historian and philosopher, Yuval Noah Harari, which addresses phenomena such as artificial intelligence, big data, and bio-engineering, and their effects on society as a whole as well as on moral decision-making by individuals.

Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, a staple of the acting profession, will continue its run this spring. It is performed in Czech, and forces the audience to contemplate life. Performances are 3 April and 22 May.

Spring offers many other cultural options. Click here for the full NdB schedule and ticket information, in English.

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In the near future, Brno will play host to an international festival that will highlight the artistic passion of theatres around the world. The festival is from 17-28 May, and includes a full spectrum of events, including dance, music, performances for children, and more.For more information, in English, go to

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