Credit: Monika Pevná/ MENDELU

Open Day Řícmanice Arboretum: Restored Tree Monument, Guided Tours, Games and More

The Řícmanice Arboretum will open it’s facilities to the public so they can see the Restored Tree Monumentum and many more activities. Credit: Monika Pevná / MENDELU.

Brno, Feb 21 (BD) – On Saturday, February 25, the public will have the opportunity to see the restored Tree Monument in the Řícmanice Arboretum up close, a unique tribute to the university forests, which received a new “coat” last year, after almost 85 years. The open day will run from 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Arboretum Řícmanice is located about 17 km from Brno. It was founded in the 1960’s by Dr. Jindřich Chmelař and set in an area of ​​4.31 hectares and has become one of the most valuable collections of conifers in the Czech Republic.

Manual work on the site took place from April to the end of August 2022, during which restorers, stonemasons and Faculty of Fine Arts of VUT (FAVU) graduates were involved in its restoration and did the final artistic works. In the autumn, a ceremonial unveiling took place with representatives of the Křtiny School Forest Company (ŠLP Křtiny) and Mendel University in attendance. 

Credit: Monika Pevná / MENDELU.

“The autumn event in the arboretum was a private event which we saw as a prelude to the celebrations of the centenary of the school enterprise. The centenary falls this year, so the February open day is the first opportunity for the public to see the beauty up close. I believe that the festive feeling, which we felt here in autumn, will be experienced by the visitors who come on Saturday,” said Tomáš Vrška, director of ŠLP Křtiny.

Petra Packová, arboretum administrator and forest educator of the ŠLP Křtiny points out that Řícmanické Arboretum is famous for its unique collection of conifers which has no equal in the Czech Republic: “One of the largest specimens of the Chilean gorse, which otherwise grows on steep slopes in Argentina and Chile, is also worth a look, as well as similar lanceolate stipules from China, Mexican spruce and Chihuahuan spruce and Moroccan fir”. Petra also recommends that visitors “see a peculiarity among the pines, namely the one-leaf pinyon from the southwest of the USA.” 

There are many other iinteresting and surprising facts related to exotic trees and, if your curiosity has been piqued, they will be explained by experts from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood MENDELU as part of guided tours. Fun competitions and educational tactical games have been organised for children to help make the day an enjoyable one for families as well as individuals.

Due to the possibility of cold weather, the organisers are preparing a menu of hot food, including the traditional roasting of sausages over the fire and hot drinks.

Entrance to the arboretum is free. The organisers warn drivers that parking at the event location is limited and recommend parking your car in one of the nearby villages. 

Location: Srnčí studánka-rozc. (49.2713017N, 16.7048233E)

Please note that in the case of bad weather, such as strong wind or ice, the event will be cancelled.

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