First Four-Carriage Train From Škoda Group Goes Into Trial Operation

The name Moravia symbolically refers to the first locomotive that ever brought a train to Brno. Photo credit: JMK.

Brno, 19 Jan (BD) – The new four-carriage electric unit, named Moravia, has started a test run with passengers. It is the first of 31 such trains ordered by the South Moravian Region from the Czech manufacturer Škoda. The train set off for the first time on the regular S2 line from Brno to Letovice on 19 January at 11am. In addition, this week the manufacturer handed over all six short double-carriage units to the region to be put into permanent service. 

“The deployment of the second type of trains delivered to South Moravia is an important milestone in the project,” said Tomáš Ignačák, President of Škoda Group CZ/SK. “At the same time, this week we managed to hand over all six short units to the customer, so our joy can be doubled. The first four-carriage unit went into trial operation today, and in the following weeks it will be gradually supplemented by others until all 31 of them are running on South Moravian lines.”

“The people of South Moravia deserve quality travel conditions that are fit for the 21st century,” said Regional Councillor for Transport Jiří Crha. “Moravia trains are perfectly equipped modern low-floor units that meet our specifications. Since last autumn, passengers on lines S2 and S3 or S51 have already been using the short Moravia trains on some routes, and from today they will be joined by the first four-carriage train.” 

The trains are built on the RegioPanter platform and are designed for operation on suburban and regional lines. The name Moravia symbolically refers to the first locomotive that ever brought a train to Brno. The trains have a red and white design, and each train is named after a wine variety grown in southern Moravia. 

The units are equipped with seats placed on so-called cantilevers (i.e., attached to the side of the vehicle), which provides more space for luggage. They have wheelchair-accessible entrances and extra space for strollers and bicycles.

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