Credit: JMK

Ukrainian Embassy in Prague Doused With Red Colouring

The embassy was attacked by an unknown perpetrator. Photo credit: JMK. 

Prague, Oct 5 (CTK) – An unknown perpetrator doused the exterior wall of the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague with red colouring during the night, according to CTK sources. Police spokesman Jan Rybansky confirmed to CTK today that they were investigating the incident on Charles de Gaulle street in Prague-Bubenec.

The colouring covered several metres of the embassy wall.

“I can confirm that an unknown perpetrator doused the fence of a building in Charles de Gaulle street in the Prague 6 neighbourhood of Bubenec with red colouring. We are searching for the perpetrator,” Rybansky told CTK this morning.

The incident occurred around 3am today. The perpetrator damaged the fence, information signs and the staircase. Police are investigating the case on suspicion of criminal property damage.

Similar incidents have previously also taken place at the Russian embassy in Bubenec.

Demonstrators sprayed the Russian embassy with red to symbolise blood on 24 February this year, the day the Russian army launched its attack on Ukraine. Dozens of people were protesting outside the Russian embassy at the time.

The protests continued in the following days when red colouring appeared on the stairs outside the embassy. Activists called for a “Red Month”, during which people should douse any property of the Russian Federation with five litres of blood-red colouring to highlight the victims of the war in Ukraine.

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