Red Dress Run Returns To Brno In September Raising Money For Vesna Women’s Association

The run/walk will take place in Brno on 24 September. Photo credit: Brno Expat Centre via FB 

Brno, Aug. 27 (BD) – The Red Dress Run, an international charity run/walk, comes to Brno on 24 September, and will donate the entire amount raised from registrations to a local charity. 

The event will start at 1pm on Namesti Svobody, where participants can choose between a 7-8 km runners trail, and a 3-4 km walking trail. The trails will be marked using different coloured chalk and they will be both in the city centre. The run is suitable for all levels of fitness and also for all ages, so kids are welcome. Wearing a red dress is the spirit, but it is not mandatory; the motto of the event is: “Running is not required, but humour is a must.”

The “Red Dress Run” was born in 1987, when Donna Rhinehart was invited to a hash run in California to be introduced to the sport, and arrived thinking it was social event, in an impressive red dress and heels and was therefore invited to “wait in the truck” to not get her dress dirty. Instead, Rhinehart joined the race in her red dress. The following year, the group she ran with that night all turned up for their weekly trail in a red dress in celebration, at which point she argued that if they were going to be so silly, they should at least do it for charity.

Thus the Red Dress Run was born, and since then it has become a staple event in Hash House Harrier clubs (commonly known as “Clubs of drinkers with running problems“), raising millions for charity in the process. 

The cost for participation is CZK 200, which will be fully donated to charity. The organisers are keen to point out that unlike many other charity events, there are no administration costs deducted from the participation fee and no restrictions on the amount donated. 

This year the entire income will go to the Vesna Cultural Centre and Women’s Educational Association, founded in Brno in 1870. The Vesna Institute is operating today as the first and most important humanitarian aid distribution centre for war refugees from Ukraine and for Czech single parents and families in need. For more information about the activity or to take part in their initiatives you can visit their website or contact them at

You can already sign up for the race using this form.

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