In Brief: President Zeman To Convene Meeting of the Chamber of Deputies On November 8th

News on the formation of the new government: President Zeman will convene the Chamber of Deputies on November 8th, as required by law. In the meantime, his wife stated at a press conference that is undergoing treatment which will take some time. Credit: Miloš Zeman – Official Website.

Czech Rep., Oct 14 (BD) – Vratislav Mynář met with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Radek Vondráček, to inform him that Zeman would convene the lower house on November 8th, as required by Article 34 of the constitution.

The first meeting of the Chamber of Deputies must be convened by the president within 30 days of the elections.

In the meantime, a press conference on the president’s condition was held at 4pm today. President Zeman has been hospitalized in intensive care since Sunday. The president’s wife, Ivana Zemanová, asked the media for patience, as the president is undergoing treatment which may take some time.

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