Two More Brno Trams Get Fresh Designs

More intriguing designs will liven up the city trams in Brno. The interiors of two K3 trams have been decorated with stickers of Brno’s sights and wild jungle scenes within the vehicle. Photo credit: DPMB.  

Brno, Oct 16 (BD) – Passengers can find attractive new designs on board two of the city’s trams, one with wild jungle scenes and another decorated with sights from around Brno. The recently-decorated trams are among four low-floor K3R-N trams that recently went in for service, and refreshed interiors were part of the repairs. 

Two other K3 trams in Brno had already been decorated by the Brno Public Transport Company (DPMB). Commuters may have already seen two trams decorated with stickers of planets and springtime landscapes. Those were the first two K3 trams to be decorated during repairs, and the project went on to decorate two more similar trams. 

“The reactions of passengers to the first two trams with non-traditional stickers were very positive. That’s why we also decorated the interior in the remaining two K3 trams. The foils not only enliven the spaces of cars, but they also have an anti-vandal function, where it is possible to easily remove any dirt from them,” said Miloš Havránek, the CEO of DPMB.

Currently, there are four trams in Brno with fresh interior designs: of planets, spring landscapes, jungle scenes and sights of Brno. 

According to the spokesperson of DPMB, Hana Tomaštíková, the trams have been in operation since 2004, and the recent repairs will give them another 10 more years of service. These unique trams often run on line 5 on working days and on line 12 on weekends. The trams’ exact locations can be found on the DPMBinfo app by searching vehicle numbers 1751 – 1754. 

See the designs here:

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Photo credit: DPMB.

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