Brno Design Days Festival Has Begun!

Don’t miss out on the annual celebration of the latest trends in design and the work of both local and international talent! The Brno Design Days Festival brings fashion, design and architecture to the public this weekend. Photo: A silver jewellery making workshop. Credit: Brno Design Days.

Brno, Sep 19 (BD) – The annual Brno Design Days festival brings together designers, architects and fashion designers from near and far to showcase their work to the public and give inspiration. The theme of the festival is “Re”, and the events will focus on concepts such as ¨Rethink, Reuse, Redesign¨.

What can you expect?

A memorable weekend awaits at KUMST Creative Hub, 19 Údolní Street. Begin with a morning yoga session and then spend the whole day learning from the designers in unique workshops. In the workshops, you can try screen printing, jewellery making, 3D-printing or even program your own chatbot. In the evening, you can listen to talks by the designers and experience breath-taking fashions shows.

Remember to wear your masks and sanitize as the event is hosted indoors. See the program on Brno Design Day’s Facebook page or website.

Read more about the event here: Brno To Get Immersed in Upbeat Design Trends Next Week with ‘Brno Design Days.

Brno Daily is a media partner of Brno Design Days.

Photo credits: Brno Design days and Everbay Photography.

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