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Traffic Police to Focus on Speed Limits and Seatbelts This Weekend

As the summer holidays come to an end and the school year is about to start, more traffic is expected on the roads, and Czech Police will be increasing their enforcement of road safety regulations to compensate. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Czech Rep., Aug 26 (BD) – From Thursday to Sunday, Czech Police will be monitoring compliance with road traffic regulations, especially on motorways and roads with increased traffic offences by lorry drivers. These efforts are expected to reduce the number of road traffic accidents.

With the summer holidays coming to an end and the beginning of the school year approaching, there will be increased traffic on the roads, which increases the probability of road accidents. For this reason, the police are increasing their traffic monitoring within this period to ensure that road users comply with safety regulations

According to Police spokeswoman Hana Rubášová, the police will check the use of seatbelts and baby seats, consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants before and while driving, using phones while driving, road worthiness of vehicles, validity of driving licences, and compliance with other road traffic regulations according to the Road Traffic Act.

The number of people who die in road accidents due to not wearing a seatbelt are a significant proportion of the total killed each year on Czech roads. “In both of the past two years, around 80 people without seatbelts have been killed in cars on Czech roads. Last year alone, another 146 people were seriously injured and 678 were left with minor injuries,” said Tomáš Neřold from the Transport Research Centre, part of the Czech Ministry of Transport. On weekends, there are more road traffic accidents related to not using seatbelts, according to research from the Transport Research Centre released this month.  

“It has been proven that drivers who are not wearing belts are 14 times more likely to die than those who are. That’s why there is a requirement to put on a seatbelt immediately after sitting in a motor vehicle; that is, before driving,” said Jiří Smetana, director of the Medical Rescue Service of the Karlovy Vary Region. The Transport Research Centre data also reveals that fewer women die as a result of not wearing seatbelts than men.

The special police moto- and auto-units will be involved in this weekend’s monitoring of road traffic. “The monitoring of the event in question, particularly on motorways, at locations with ongoing transport restrictions, and in sections where traffic offences by lorry drivers are often reported, will take place in collaboration with aviation surveillance,” said Rubášová.

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