Coronavirus: Update on Situation in South Moravia

This article provides daily updates on the coronavirus outbreak in Brno, South Moravia and the Czech Republic. Title photo: Brno City Police (MPB) have been distributing masks sewn or by volunteers or donated by the public to homeless people and other people in need. Credit: MPB.

Brno, Mar 27 (BD) – As of 6pm yesterday, the South Moravian Region (JMK) had reported 113 confirmed cases of Covid-19, mostly in the Brno-město district (60), according to the South Moravian Hygiene Authority (KHS). “As of Tuesday evening we can report one patient recovered and in home isolation,” said Renata Ciupek, head of the regional epidemic hygiene department. According to Ciupek, 848 people in South Moravia have been placed in quarantine, and 1,798 have been tested. According to the KHS numbers, the majority of these cases were aged 25-34 (31 cases). The second highest number of cases were aged between 35-44 (28 cases).

On Thursday evening, another patient from the infection clinic at Brno University Hospital in Bohunice (FN Brno) was admitted to the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Clinic of St. Anne’s University Hospital. The 74-year-old man is the fourth patient at St. Anne’s Hospital, which has been designated by the Government as the main facility for Covid-19 cases in the region. One Friday morning, FN Brno reported its first case of Covid-19 among medical staff.

As well as Masaryk University, students of Brno University of Technology are also working with FN Brno. From Monday, they will supply 50 to 100 litres of disinfectant to the hospital.

Brno City Police have been distributing masks sewn or by volunteers or donated by the public to homeless people and other people in need. “Where appropriate, masks may also serve other groups, such as if officers see a senior citizen with their face exposed because they have not been able to get a mask yet,” explained Luboš Oprchal, director of the Brno City Police.

There is an infoline in Brno (800 140 800), where citizens can ask questions about the coronavirus infection. This helpline will also be available in English. More info:

Image: City of Brno

As the government has approved several measures to relieve self-employed people and businesses, the Financial Authority of South Moravia has published a “handbook for taxpayers” in English

Two of Brno’s new “dragon trams” have been wearing protective masks since this morning.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, 2,062 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed by Friday morning. 31,127 people have been tested. So far, ten people have recovered and nine people have died of COVID-19-related complications, according to the Ministry of Health on Friday morning.

The patient in Prague’s Faculty Hospital who was given the experimental drug remdesivir has shown improvements, but the hospital management said at today’s press conference that it will only be possible to evaluate its effects properly after 36-72 hours.

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