100 Years of Art, 100 Hours of Cinema

Kino Art (Art Cinema) will open after two years of reconstruction and will celebrate its 100th birthday. Photos by Oliver Stasa / TIC Brno.

Brno, Sep 5 (BD) – After a two-year reconstruction, Kino Art finally reopens. Cinema goers will be met with a partially redesigned foyer with several improvements, including a new cash desk, washrooms, and the famous Café Art.

The cinema will reopen with the screening of the legendary silent film Sunrise, directed by Murnau, accompanied by live music by Duncan Hendy on Friday, 13 September at 7pm. The music will be performed by the string quartet IQ and the piano by Jana Nevoralová, directed by Gabriela Tardonová. After this celebratory opening, an extraordinary film marathon will start at 22:00 on the same night. It will last until midnight on Sunday and will offer viewers 100 hours of film. The screenings will happen in both cinema rooms of Kino Art.

As Milan Šimánek of Kino Art explains: “This number [100 hours of film] is not accidental, in 1919 Art started showing for the first time, and so we celebrate these 100 years with exactly 100 hours of film.” The program will consist of popular films from the history of the Czech Republic as well as movies from around the world. For example, films such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Avengers, Excalibur, Friday the 13, It, Inglorious Basterds, Mad Max, etc. will be shown.

Photos by Oliver Stasa / TIC Brno.

Viewers will have the opportunity to purchase accreditation for the entire marathon and for individual films. Art Cinema has a tradition of demanding cinema goers, is proud of it, and invites all to come to this great movie celebration.

The program of Art [link updated] is designed to be accessible to English-speaking viewers, and Czech films are included with English subtitles.

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