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Employee Arrested At Medvídek Children’s Centre

The suspect was arrested on 28 May and is now in police custody. Photo credit: Casadei Graphics.

Brno, Jun 7 (BD) –  An employee at the Medvídek Children’s Centre, a daycare and outpatient rehabilitation centre for disadvantaged children with complex health needs, was arrested on 28 May, on suspicion of a serious moral offence. He is now in police custody pending further investigations.

The police did not issue a comment on the case, but Hynek Olma, a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office quoted by Brnensky Denik on June 6, 2019, said “I can confirm that the Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office is supervising preparatory proceedings against a 35-year-old man from Brno who is now in custody. He is suspected of a serious moral offense. We will not provide more detailed information due to the sensitivity of the case.”

The centre, located on Kyjevská, is run by the Association of Medical Facilities II Brno, a contributory organization of the City of Brno. According to the association’s director Kamila Krausová, the organization is cooperating with police and assisting with their investigations.

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