Not Veggie Burgers, But “Veggie Discs”

The European Parliament pushed for a change: non-animal meat products which are aimed for vegetarians, shall no longer have names which stimulate thoughts of animal-based products. Photo credit: Pexels.

Brno, Apr 6 (BD) – “It was a debate in the Parliament, and more than 80% (of the European Union Agricultural Commission) approved the proposal. It’s about common sense for consumers. We need to use the word steak for an actual steak,” said Éric Andrieu, a member of the European Parliament – according to The Brussels Times.

The European Union Agricultural Commission has approved a ban on the use of terminologies associated with meat to describe vegetarian food.

This is not the first instance that the European Union is pushing for a clear distinction between animal and non-animal products. In 2017, the EU made a regulation which prohibits naming soy and tofu products with an affiliation to milk and dairy products – although, nut-based beverages are exempted from this regulation.

There have been a few suggestions for changing the names of specific foods – possibilities include renaming a vegetarian burger to a vegetarian disc, or seitan steaks into seitan slabs, The Guardian reports.

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