This Weekend’s Spring Cleaning in Brno

The event, organised by Ukliďme svět, ukliďme Česko (Clean Up the World, Clean Up Czech Republic) is bringing together volunteers to clean up in different parts Brno today. Photo:

Brno, Apr 5 (BD) – Throughout the Czech Republic, Ukliďme Česko is organising a “spring cleaning” activity this weekend. For the city of Brno, the activities were organised in different parts of the city. Among the areas include Brno Zoo, Brno-Komin, Brno-Líšeň, and many more.

Ukliďme svět, ukliďme Česko is a volunteer cleaning event that takes place throughout the Czech Republic. Its aim is to  clean up illegally created black dumps and mess. People with plastic bags are cleaning garbage across the country. Nearly 3300 groups have gathered in the Czech Republic – with a number of 363 groups in South Moravia this weekend.

Scouts, schoolchildren, company employees, firefighters, community parties and individuals are all encouraged to join the clean up events. Last year, an incredible number of 2100 tons in garbage was collected.

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