Strong Winds Call for Firefighters

The weekend’s strong winds caused 194 incidents, which was taken care of by the Fire Department throughout the South Moravian region. Photo credit: HZS.

Brno, Mar 11 (BD) – Majority of the incidents were fallen trees which were blocking roads. Among the worst cases was an incident in Hustopeče, where a roof flew off a building and damaged a few parked cars.

Brno-venkov had the highest number of incidents caused by the winds at 52, whilst Břeclav had the least amount at 6 incidents.

Currently, the winds have calmed. Incidents in terms of electricity outages and traffic have been resolved, and the operations in the South Moravian region is slowly going back to normal.

Result of the strong wind in Brno-Královo Pole. Luckily, nobody was in the car.
Source: official account of Brno’s Municipal Police.

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