New “Smart” Eco Tram Stops Coming to Brno

The council has commissioned a new study from Brno Transport Company (DPMB) to find out where new facilities could improve life for passengers. Photo credit: @BrnoDaily.

Brno, Feb 28 (BD) – Many of the busiest tram stops in Brno are currently equipped with only basic facilities. For this reason, the council has asked DPMB to carry out a review mapping the existing facilities at individual stops, in order to work out where new facilities would improve the experience of passengers. Based on the review, some stops could be revitalised with smart and ecological designs that correspond to the aesthetics of the urban environment.

Commenting on the review, Council Member for Transport Petr Kratochvíl (ODS) said: There are still public transport stops where there is such a movement of people that they would appreciate more than just a shed in bad weather. The stops should be equipped with shelters similar to the one on Moravské náměstí, where people can read timetables or cultural information and recharge their phones. WiFi connections could also be installed.”

DPMB is also looking for funding opportunities to help co-finance the new stops.

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