New Eco-Complex To Open in Komárov

The 13,000 sq.m. development on Svatopetrská, on the banks of the Ponávka River, will work on “smart city” principles, and is intended to be a model for future developments. Visualization: // Nadace Veronica.

Brno, Feb 10 (BD) – The project is located on the site of the former Research Institute for Buildings Materials, since reconstructed. The buildings use various ecological and economical technological innovations to achieve sustainability, including enriched photovoltaic technology, regenerative braking energy recovery, heat pumps, and a system for collecting and reusing rainwater. The first tenants, including offices, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and innovation centres as well as residential tenants, are to move in this month, with further buildings to be completed over the coming years.

The project is a public-private partnership, and has been created in cooperation of and Brno’s Veronica Foundation, an ecological foundation that works towards “green” development, having built the first publicly-accessible passive building in the country in Hostětín in 2006, as well as the carbon neutral area of ​​the Open Gardens on Udolní.

“In Svatopetrská, our experience with the design and low-cost operation of smart buildings will be used on a larger scale. We can show a good example of adapting to climate change. And the southern edge of the city center, which is crowded with traffic and susceptible to summer heat, needs such development,” explained Miroslav Kundrata, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Veronica Foundation.

This project is not the only eco-development coming to Komárov this year. The Ponávka riverside is being revitalised, and the tenants of the new development will have open access to the water, connected to the other areas of the riverside by footbridges. “Moving city rivers to the people has been a long-term global trend, so I’m glad that this year we have started the first part of the extensive revitalisation plan for Ponávka. From next year the people of Komárov will be able to enjoy more pleasant walks and spend time on the river bank,” said Alexandra Koutna from VZMB, the City of Brno’s organisation promoting green public spaces.

See the visualizations. Credit: // Nadace Veronica.

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