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City of Brno’s Rooftop Solar Power Capacity To Increase Sevenfold This Year

The City of Brno’s municipal company SAKO Brno Solar, which is responsible for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of buildings owned by the city, plans to connect 47 new rooftop power plants to the city’s distribution network this year, with a total output of 1.7 MWp, seven times the current output of 300 kWp.

“This year we will be putting three implementation packages for the installation of photovoltaic production plants up for competition,” said René Černý, Deputy Mayor of Brno and chairman of the board of directors of SAKO Brno Solar. “First, two packages totalling 40 plants with a combined output of 1,214 kWp, and then a further package of seven plants with a total output of 375 kWp. These will mainly be installed on the roofs of elementary schools, medical and sports facilities, as well as administrative buildings owned by the city.” In addition, SAKO Brno Solar plans to install additional panels at eight already completed power plants, thereby more than doubling their capacity.

The competition to select a supplier for the first two installation packages will start in the next few days. The planned power plants have fully completed project documentation and a promised subsidy from the Res+ program of the Modernization Fund. According to René Černý, the third package will be implemented using the so-called Design&Build system, in which the implementation company will complete the project documentation under pre-agreed conditions and arrange the subsidy title, while SAKO Brno Solar will supervise compliance with the schedule and implementation procedures. In addition, preparations for the installation of other rooftop plants will continue. “We have completed the project documentation, including the approved subsidy, for 40 roofs owned by the city, and we are finalising the documentation for another 40,” said Černý.

The installation of these photovoltaic plants will complete the first phase of the Brno rooftop solar power plant project. The City hopes to install approximately 220 rooftop plants on its properties by the end of 2027. The solar power plant would then produce around 12.5 Gwh of electricity annually. The selected 220 roofs are assessed according to the technical condition of the building, as well as in terms of lighting.

“We are working to make Brno a driver of community energy,” said Černý. “We have a fully financed and project-covered first phase of the project, and we are not giving up on our vision to work synergistically, together with other municipal companies, on effectively meeting the energy needs of the city, and especially on achieving energy self-sufficiency for Brno.”

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