Credit: Brno-střed

Relaxation Zones With Deckchairs Return To Brno’s City Centre Squares

As every year at the beginning of the warmer months, relaxation zones with deckchairs have returned to the historical centre of Brno, provided by the Brno-střed city district, allowing and encouraging passers-by to relax or sit with friends throughout the summer. 

Last Monday, 3 June, staff of the city district installed more than 300 deckchairs in some of the centre’s main areas. 

Credit: Brno-střed

“Relaxation zones are very popular among visitors, which is why we installed them in frequented places in the centre of Brno again this year,” said Ludmila Oulehlová, Deputy Mayor of Brno-střed. They are located in three locations: Náměstí Svobody, Dominikánské náměstí, and 140 deckchairs on Zelný trh. 

The comfortable chairs will remain on the streets of Brno at least until the end of September. In case of favourable weather, visitors can take a seat in the deckchairs near gastronomic establishments or water features. Operating hours will vary depending on the weather.

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