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Šalina Party! DPMB Relaunches Popular Scheme To Rent Tram Carriages For Private Events

For some years, the Brno Transport Company (DPMB) has been operating the Šalina Pub, the “pub on a tram” which proved an interesting curio for tourists and Brno residents alike. Special trams were also available for private parties. Now DPMB has relaunched the scheme with a specially adapted Party Šalina and the historic Šalina Café carriage. Those interested in booking a unique venue for their company party, birthday, or wedding, can do so at

“The previously known Šalina Pub is coming back, but in a completely new concept,” explained Miloš Havránek, general director of DPMB. “As the Party Šalina, we now rent it out to the public as an original venue for celebrations, corporate events, weddings, and other occasions. The tram has a completely new design and equipment inside and out. For the same purpose, it is also possible to order the Šalina Café – a historic tram of the 4MT type from 1954.” 

The Party Šalina is equipped with a bar, refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee maker, audiovisual system with three screens and speakers, toilet with sink, tables, and chairs. The capacity of the carriage is 50 people, with a basic price of CZK 4,500 (without VAT) for an hour of driving with a driver and a guide. There are several options, from rent of just the carriage, through to the possibility of including a catering agency. The K2R type tram started running as the Šalina Pub in 2013. Since then, it has seen several different operating concepts, such as pub quiz evenings.

The Party Šalina is fully equipped, and has a capacity of 50. Credit: DPMB

The Šalina Café tram is equipped with a refrigerator, coffee maker, audio-visual system with speakers, upholstered seats and tables, and has a capacity of 30 people. The basic price of the service is CZK 5,000 (without VAT) for an hour’s drive with a driver and a guide who will make coffee for the guests. There is also the option of an ordering service or a catering agency.

The 4MT type tram served as a shunting car in the DPMB Central Workshops. After it was replaced by a newer vehicle, the workshop staff converted it into a saloon car and it came to be called the “café car”. Since 1995, it has been available for private rental, and was seen at DPMB events. Now it has been renovated again, and has been available for bookings since last year.

“By renting cars – whether modern or historic – we extend the services for our customers and thus provide them with extraordinary experiences. We believe that this is another way to deepen relations with the public, promote our activities and public transport in general,” added Havránek.

DPMB also rents other retro and historic cars for special trips (available here). Private boat cruises are also popular, with 183 such trips setting sail last year alone.

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