Credit: Brno City Police, via Facebook

Motorist Narrowly Avoids Pile-Up After Driving Wrong Way Into The Husovice Tunnel

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Last week, Brno city police received multiple reports of reckless driving in the Husovice tunnel, where a motorist had broken several traffic regulations by entering the tunnel in the wrong direction from Merhautova, endangering themselves and other road users.

When police patrols arrived, the driver was no longer in the tunnel. However, the event was recorded in detail by city cameras, including the vehicle’s registration number. It can be seen from the footage that the person behind the wheel drove into the tunnel through the lane designated for the exit, ignoring the No Entry sign. 

Watch the police video of the incident here.

But the transgressions did not end there. Although the car paused for a moment when no car was passing, the driver then consciously aimed straight into the tunnel in the opposite direction, without the hazard lights on. Fortunately, oncoming drivers managed to react in time and there was no collision. The driver soon realised that they were moving in the wrong direction, and stopped. But as soon as traffic eased, they performed another dangerous and illegal manoeuvre, attempting to carry out a U-turn in the tunnel. After this, the driver left the scene.

The driver in question is now suspected of several traffic offences, and is awaiting administrative proceedings.

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