Panzerfaust from World War II found in Žabovřesky in 2022. Credit: Brno City Police.

WWII Artillery Ammunition Discovered by Fisherman at Brno Dam

A fisherman made a startling discovery on Saturday afternoon, when he stumbled upon World War II artillery ammunition near the Kozí Horka boat stop at the Brno Reservoir. Such findings of unexploded ordnance are not uncommon at the dam. In January this year, a mortar shell was found by a passer-by. In 2020 and in 2022, unexploded Panzerfaust warheads from World War II were reported in Žabovřesky.

Recognizing the potential danger, the man promptly alerted the city police. Within minutes of receiving the notification, river unit officers arrived at the scene and confirmed the presence of WWII-era artillery ammunition. To ensure public safety, officers established a secure corridor to prevent unauthorised access to the area. Subsequently, an expert from the Czech Police was called in to assess the situation.

“An explosives expert identified the discovery as 8.8-centimeter artillery ammunition for a Flag brand cannon,” stated City Police spokeswoman Jana Pokorna. Meanwhile, officers maintained strict control over the area until the ammunition could be safely removed for disposal.

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