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Government Proposes Simplified Citizenship Process For Great-Grandchildren of Czech Expats

This process was already trialled in 2014, but not many people were aware of it at the time. Credit: Freepik.

Prague, Dec 13 (CTK) – The Czech government today approved a draft amendment under which the great-grandchildren of emigrants who lost Czech or Czechoslovak citizenship in the past can obtain it more easily for themselves.

A group of government MPs is also proposing to let relatives of expatriates who did not lose their Czech citizenship become Czech citizens more easily, up to the fourth generation in direct line.

This was already possible in the past, but only for one year in 2014, and for a more limited circle of relatives. The authors of the proposal argued that many people probably did not even know about this possibility in 2014. Moreover, the fact that it was possible for a very limited time was seen as a dishonest or adverse political signal by some of those who may have been eligible, they said.

The authors of the proposal say it concerns especially offspring of expatriates living in the United States, Latin America and the United Kingdom.

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