Andrea and Angelo. Credit: Drop-D Music Studio.

Brno Expat Interview: Musicians Andrea and Angelo Discuss Their New Recording Studio

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Brno Daily recently had the opportunity to speak with Andrea and Angelo, Italian expats and musicians based in Brno. Through their venture, @dropdmusicstudio, they not only offer a space for local musicians in Brno to rehearse and record, but are also actively working to build and enhance connections within the city’s musical community. We met in their newly opened Drop-D Music Studio in Brno-Reckovice.

BD: Good morning, thanks for talking to us today. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your new rehearsal room here in Brno?

Angelo: Hello, thank you for having me. My name is Angelo Casadei, and together with my business partner and friend Andrea Ferrazza, we are the owners of Drop-D Music Studio, the newest music studio for rehearsal and recording in Brno. It’s a pleasure to talk with Brno Daily. We are both expats and we appreciate the fact we can follow a local news outlet in English.

BD: What inspired you to open a rehearsal room in Brno, and what makes Drop-D Music Studio unique?

Angelo: Well, I’ve been a musician for many years, and finding a suitable space to rehearse with my band was always a challenge. I realised that there was a need for well-equipped, comfortable rehearsal spaces in Brno. Drop-D is unique because we focus not only on providing state-of-the-art equipment but also on creating a welcoming and creative environment for musicians of all kinds. When I met Andrea, and I met him in Brno even though we both come from Italy, we instantly thought the same and decided to make it happen.

Andrea: As Angelo said, we needed a place to rehearse, and in Brno, there’s a lack of it. I started with music when I was a little kid, and the struggle to practise and rehearse was always there. With Drop-D, besides providing a rehearsal and practice room, we also offer recording services to bands that want to record a live session or to record their tracks with professional mixing and post-production.

BD: Can you tell us about the facilities and services that Drop-D offers?

Angelo: Absolutely. Drop-D Music Studio is designed to cater to the diverse needs of musicians. We have one fully equipped rehearsal room such as amplifiers for bass and guitar, PA systems, microphones, a professional mixer with Bluetooth connection and everything else needed for a band to play comfortably. We also have a smaller room equipped with a drum set and a guitar amp for musicians who only want to practise with their instruments. In addition to that we have a room that we use for professional recording and mixing. All of our rooms are acoustically treated for high-quality sound. We also have a lounge area with comfortable couches and a fridge to store your pivo!

BD: How can musicians book a space in Drop-D?

Andrea: Booking with Drop-D is as simple as it can be. You can visit our website, select the service you need, choose the day and time and you’re on! You can also give us a call if you need something particular, such as a recording session or to store your instrument if you have a long-term booking. We offer flexible booking options to make it convenient for both casual and regular users.

BD: How can people find out more about your studio and stay updated on your events and offerings?

Andrea: People can visit our website, where they can find information about our facilities, pricing, and upcoming events. We’re also active on social media, so following us on Instagram and Facebook (@dropdmusicstudio) is a great way to stay tuned.

BD: Wonderful, best of luck with this exciting venture!

Andrea and Angelo: Thank you so much! I appreciate the opportunity to share our story. We’re looking forward to welcoming musicians from Brno and beyond to Drop-D Music Studio.

Brno Daily is a partner of Drop-d Music Studio.

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