Alejandra, Laura, and Lorena founded Margarida Blossom in January 2022. Credit: Margarida Blossom.

Margarida Blossom: Small Local Expat-Run Business Spreading Joy in Brno’s Christmas Markets

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Brno, Dec 10 (BD) – In the heart of Brno, a small local artisan business has carved a niche for itself with an expat twist. Founded in January 2022 by Alejandra, Laura, and Lorena—hailing from Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, respectively—Margarida Blossom has become known for its beautifully crafted journals, purposeful books, and card decks intended to cultivate mindfulness and gratitude.

This unique Brno-themed journal is Margarida Blossom’s signature product. Credit: Margarida Blossom.

Margarida Blossom’s signature product is the unique Brno-themed journal, “born out of our deep love for the city,” they explain. Meanwhile, the card decks are available in multiple languages, including Czech, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. These versatile decks cover six different themes and topics, designed to resonate with every kind of person, regardless of their stage of life or current situation.

Margarida Blossom’s card decks are designed to stimulate mindfulness. Credit: Margarida Blossom.

Alejandra, Laura, and Lorena have blended their skills to build their business and their product range, with their diverse professional backgrounds: Lorena, with her expertise as a Doula, is the driving force behind the motherhood series; Alejandra, an IT manager, constant traveller and wine enthusiast, fuels most of their lifestyle series. Meanwhile, Laura, an Employer Relations Manager, brings her economics background to the mix.

As the holiday season approaches, Margarida Blossom is planning to spread festive spirit in the Christmas markets of Brno, with a heartwarming initiative to hand out mindfulness and gratitude tasks to complete strangers, infusing moments of fun, reflection and connection into the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping. The founders say their commitment to spreading positivity into the local markets goes beyond their products, and reflects their genuine affection for the city they now call home.

Thoughtful, mindful presents for yourself or a loved one. Credit: Margarida Blossom.

Catch them at Tržnice Christmas Market from 11-15 December, and at the Mint Market Brno from 16-17 December. Don’t miss the chance to pick up a thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one.

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