Traffic Restrictions at Brno’s Main Train Station

Traffic Restrictions at Brno’s Main Train Station From March Due To Construction Works

The area in front of the main station in Brno is undergoing significant upgrades from March to May. Photo credit: kopemezabrno.

Brno, Feb 27 (BD) – The area in front of the main station is due to undergo significant upgrades, lasting from March to May, to improve conditions for pedestrians and public transport users. For the duration of the work, traffic restrictions will be in place in the area.

The changes will be implemented in two stages. The first stage will be in operation from 1 March until 14 May. Nádražní will be closed to drivers in the direction from Koliště to Nové sady (i.e. the lane next to the OC Letmo building). Vehicles will only pass in the opposite direction, from Nové sady towards Koliště (along the station building). Traffic from the viaduct to Benešová will be commanded.

In the opposite direction, traffic from Benešová will be diverted under the viaduct to the intersection of Dornych, Křenová and Koliště. Pedestrians will have to use the other side of the square along the main station building. In the following stage, the road on the other side next to the station building will also be closed.

After the works are completed, the section of the current road next to the OC Letmo building will be designated as a pedestrian zone. Car traffic will only pass through the square from the direction of Nové sady. Drivers will be unable to turn to the station from the viaduct, and will be unable to access Benesová from Nádražní. More turning places will be built at the station and OC Letmo for short-term parking.

The work will be finished by 30 June this year. Visualisations of the new layout of the area in front of the station can be seen below.

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