Some 100 Businesspeople to Accompany Lower House Head to Taiwan

Photo: Taipei, credit: Freepik.

Prague, Feb 22 (CTK) – Some 100 businesspeople will accompany Czech lower house chairwoman Marketa Pekarova Adamova (TOP 09) during her March visit to Taiwan, the spokeswomen for the Confederation of Industry and the Czech-Taiwanese Business Chamber, Tereza Sebestova and Lucie Splichalova, told CTK today.

This is the highest number of the delegation members in the history of the bilateral relations of the two countries, Splichalova said.

The mission will comprise of the representatives of the firms engaging in nanotechnology, e-mobility, healthcare innovations, artificial intelligence, circular economy, information and communication technology and energy, Splichalova explained.

Half of the business part of the delegation, led by Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic President Jaroslav Hanak and Czech-Taiwanese Business Chamber chairman Pavel Divis, will also accompany Pekarova Adamova on her journey to South Korea.

The attendance was recommended to those firms that already have relations and partners in both countries and they seek to support these relations, as well as to those that want to come to know the countries and also start-ups, Splichalova said.

The entrepreneurs will be able to follow up the previous missions, such as the visit to Taiwan paid by Senate chairman Milos Vystrcil (Civic Democrats, ODS) in 2020.

“This year, we are also organising our own events within the delegation where we will introduce the Czech brands and products to the local market,” the co-founder and director of the Czech-Taiwanese Business Chamber, Alice Rezkova, said.

The chamber will organise, for instance, the PopUp Store in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei to test the potential of the local market, which can then be used by the firms engaging in healthy lifestyle, diet, design clothing, toys and cosmetics, Rezkova said.

Another part of the programme will be the Smart City Summit & Expo fair focusing on smart health-care, artificial intelligence, education, green energies and circular economies.

The Czech lower house head will open the Czech hub in Taipei on March 28, under the aegis of the Czech-Taiwanese Business Chamber in cooperation with the European Values Centre for Security policy.


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