Autumn Open Day At The Krtiny Arboretum Will Take Place This Saturday

This year the management of the arboretum has added two novelties. Photo credit: MENDELU.

The Krtiny Arboretum will be open to visitors from 9am, and visitors can look forward to popular guided tours, trees and shrubs in the bright colours of autumn, as well as new furnishings with cyclists in mind. Guided walks around the greatest beauties of the autumn arboretum will be led by experts from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology at Mendel University. 

This year the management of the arboretum has added two novelties. The first is a wooden wedding gate installed in the vicinity of the wedding meadow, as the arboretum is a favourite place for wedding guests. “The gate and benches are made of Thermowood. It is a heat-treated wood, in this case larch, which is exposed to high temperatures ranging from 180–220°C during the process. Wood that undergoes this process has a higher durability, which we will appreciate in outdoor conditions,” said Petra Packová, the arboretum manager of ŠLP Křtiny.

The second innovation is five solid oak bench sets for resting. “We have placed two of these sets in the parking lot in front of the arboretum, so that tourists who are tired of looking for mushrooms, for example, can rest there. The other three oak sets are located on the embankment in the arboretum, so you can be enchanted by the scenery of the pond and the colourful trees while resting,” said Packová. 

Some visitors come to the arboretum on bicycles, so two new galvanised bike racks have been installed behind the entrance gate. 

The event is complicated by traffic restrictions. The roadway near Jedovnice is closed. It is possible to get to the event by car, bicycle, or on foot; the stop at the arboretum is not served by public transportation. Although the route from Křtiny is marked as a dead-end road, it will lead visitors to the arboretum from Křtiny (map).

The Arboretum will be open from 9am to 5.30pm. Guided tours always start on the hour, with the last one at 4 pm. The admission fee is voluntary. 

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