Exiled Russian Historian Andrey Zubov To Begin Lecturing at Masaryk University

Zubov (left, pictured with MUNI Rector Martin Bares) is an expert in the history of European philosophy, religion and Russia. Photo credit: MUNI.

Brno, Oct 19 (CTK) – Prominent Russian historian Andrey Zubov, forced to leave his home country in late September, has now arrived in Brno, where he will lecture at Masaryk University (MUNI), university spokesman Radim Sajbot told journalists today.

Zubov is among the Russian intellectuals opposed to Vladimir Putin’s regime. He will lecture at MUNI about Russian history, Sajbot said.

Zubov has had a meeting with university rector Martin Bares.

“His overview, not only historical, but also political, supported by a great personal courage to describe affairs truthfully, is inspiring. I would gladly attend one of his planned lectures,” Bares said.

Zubov is an expert in the history of European philosophy, religion and Russia. He helped write the book “The History of Russia of the 20th Century”, which sparked a great deal of debate. In 2014, he was forced to leave the State Institute of International Relations in Moscow due to his criticism of the Russian policy towards Ukraine, which led to the annexation of Crimea.

In 2019, Masaryk University granted an honorary doctorate to Zubov and offered him a position lecturing in Brno, but he refused the offer, saying that he wanted to continue working in Russia.

“Unfortunately, as the circumstances have developed differently, I greatly appreciate Masaryk University having contacted me again. For me, it is a real gift that I will be able to lecture again because I can return to my university activities, which I had to stop eight years ago,” Zubov said.

He left by train at the last possible moment, just before Finland closed the border to Russians. Along with his family, he then travelled by ferry to Estonia, and then by car via Riga, Vilnius and Warsaw on to Brno.

At the Faculty of Arts in Brno, he has planned a cycle of lectures focusing on Russian history of the 20th century and the reasons for Russia’s series of disasters, which Zubov says began in 1917 and continue until now.

“I would like to outline how to prevent such events in the future. I will be lecturing always once a week,” Zubov said.

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