New Visualisation Tools Help Citizens Keep Track of Voting Patterns In Brno City Council

The tools hope to shed light on voting in the Brno Council chamber. Photo Credit: Brno City Archive.

Brno, Sept. 18 (BD) – Ahead of the upcoming municipal elections, Brno City Council has introduced a tool allowing members of the public to take a closer look at the voting record of councillors during this election period (2018-2022).

The project was created in cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics of the Brno University of Technology, and its purpose was to process the voting data of the Brno Municipality, which the city publishes on the portal.

On the kod.brno website, users can browse data on individual parties, their representatives, voting participation and absenteeism at individual meetings. A total of 40 sessions were analysed, during which 3,922 items were discussed. Representatives cast a total of 215,710 votes during this period.  

As Oliver Pospíšil, secretary of the Brno City Council, explains, “The visualisation gives interested parties a basic overview of the entire election period, but it is also possible to click on individual votes, compare councillors with each other or obtain an overview of voting participation.” 

At the same time, citizens can use a second tool, developed by one of the teams during the Brno hackathon in April. It is also a visualisation tool for council votes, and places special emphasis on text search. It can be used by the public at this link.   

Other plans are underway to develop projects to make the votes of the Brno City Council clearer to the public and more accessible.

Voting participation rate

Source: MMB
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