Brno’s VIDA! Science Centre To Host An Exhibition On Different Aspects of Addiction

The Brno science centre VIDA! Is organising an after-dark event on the theme of addiction from 7pm on Thursday, 2 June. Photo credit:

Brno, 31 May (BD) – The event will attempt to answer questions such as: How does addiction arise? How do our brains and hormones react? What do caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or psychedelics do to our bodies? The evening will include lectures, workshops and even psytrance music.

The COFFEE exhibition, which comes to VIDA from Germany, will also be presented. It is the largest and most expensive exhibition in the centre’s history. During the presentation, visitors will be able to see pure caffeine being extracted and participate in coffee roasting. There will be guided tours dedicated to the different activities for those who wish to learn more about the processes displayed. 

To simulate the experience of addiction, various special glasses simulating vision under the influence of several drugs will be available, with participants able to attempt various simple tasks. A special workshop will be devoted to how drugs are used in therapy.

Addiction expert Jan Veselý from Podané ruce will give a lecture on how addiction arises, what forms it can take, how to recognise an addiction, and also how the relatives of the addict should behave and how treatment is carried out.

Part of the exhibition will demonstrate the effects of alcohol and smoking on the human brain. There will be a chance to see, through an annotated autopsy of the heart and lungs, what happens to these organs in the smoker’s body.

A traditional part of VIDA! After Dark is the Everywhere bar, with themed drinks, music and a photo corner that will be open through the evening.

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