LandArt Returns To Mendel University Botanical Gardens On 2 June

After three years, the Mendel University Botanical Garden and Arboretum will be beautified by student land art objects. The main theme and idea of this year’s installations is interactivity, the active involvement of visitors and some inspiration from the world of fairy tales and legends. The opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, 1 June at 3pm coincides with Children’s Day, which is the inspiration for many of the artworks. The objects will be on display to the public from 2-15 June. Photo credit: MENDELU

Brno, May 28 (BD) – Nearly 40 students in the Fundamentals of Art Making Techniques and Art Education courses will participate in the 15th annual student exhibition. “We chose the theme of the Children’s Day exhibition in line with the date of today’s opening and International Children’s Day,” said Jiří Tauber from the Institute of Furniture, Design and Housing at Mendel University’s Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (LDF MENDELU).

Each author approached their work individually, and together the students created a total of 25 exhibits. The exhibits will be on display for 14 days in June, and after the end of the exhibition some of them will be moved to the premises of the ART mill in Bohuslavice u Kyjov.

This is the 15th time students have created objects at the Botanical Garden. Previous years have had different themes, such as the exhibitions 100 Years of Furniture Design, Beauty and Perfection of Nature, Housing is a Game, and Man & Nature, Fauna and Flora. The event is supported by the Institute of Furniture, Design and Housing at LDF MENDELU.

On the day of the opening, admission is free; on the following days, the exhibition will be open to the public during the Botanical Gardens and Arboretum’s normal visiting hours of 7am- 3:30pm from Třída generála píka Street, nearest stop Bieblova.

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