Pandemic State of Alert To End On 3 May

Health Minister Vlastimil Valek said that the pandemic state of alert (stav pandemické pohotovosti) will come to an end on 3 May. Photo: Vlastimil Valek at the press conference after the government meeting on 27 April. Credit:

Czech Republic, 28 April (BD) – Health Minister Vlastimil Valek (TOP 09) said that the reasons for enacting and maintaining the pandemic state of alert have now passed, as the numbers of new cases of Covid-19 and people in hospitals have been decreasing. 

“Approved. The government is proposing an end to the pandemic state of alert on 3 May. The numbers of new cases and hospitalizations are becoming more favourable and it is not necessary to keep it. As I promised when I became Health Minister –  we will impose and keep measures only when they make sense,” said Valek after a government meeting yesterday.

The pandemic state of alert was introduced by the law on emergency measures in the event of the Covid-19 epidemic, the so-called Pandemic Law, last February. It made it possible to take certain anti-epidemic measures without declaring a state of emergency, such as mandatory testing for staff or students, limits on the number of visitors or customers, changes to opening hours, or the obligation to wear a respirator.

A new state of emergency was called at the beginning of March in response to refugees arriving from Ukraine, and remains in place until the end of May.

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