Kamenný Vrch Park Inaugurated Yesterday As Part of Brno’s Participatory Budgeting Scheme

In 2018, Jana Drápalová proposed a project to improve the park on Kamenný vrch, as part of Brno’s participatory budgeting initiative, “Dáme na vás” (“We Give To You”). The total funding allocated by the City of Brno amounted to CZK 2,952,000. Photo credit: Brno City Municipality.

Brno, April 15 (BD) – The residents of Nový Lískovec have a new space to spend their free time. The Kamenný vrch Park project was officially opened today, having been chosen by the public for funding through the City of Brno’s participatory budgeting project, Dáme na vás (“We Give To You”).

The proposer of the project, Jana Drápalová, submitted her idea for improvement of the park on Kamenný vrch to the participatory budgeting contest in 2018, with the aim of transforming the long neglected and unmaintained land into a natural recreational park for residents. The project placed 11th in the citywide vote with 1,566 votes, and received funding from the municipal budget of CZK 2,952,000.

“The purpose of my project was to transform the formerly overgrown and unmaintained gardens above Petra Křivka into a natural park, and at the same time to remind us of the former use of Kamenný vrch, where orchards and vineyards used to be located,” said Drápalová.

“As part of the project, the land was cleared of dead trees and an outdoor gym was built, as well as two covered resting places, seating areas and a fire pit,” said Tomáš Koláčný (Piráti), 2nd Deputy Mayor of Brno. “Natural paths were built to each building and a ramp was added for easy access to the park. I believe that with the Kamenný vrch Park project we have succeeded in creating a nice urban park for recreation, not only for the residents of the nearby Kamenný Vrch housing estate, but for all visitors to the district.”

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