Presidential Election Modelling Suggests Former General Petr Pavel As Most Likely Winner

Presidential elections will be held in the Czech Republic in January 2023 at the latest. According to election modelling by Median agency, former general Petr Pavel has the highest potential of being elected, followed closely by Andrej Babiš. Photo credit:

Czech Republic, April 14 (BD) – The next presidential elections in the Czech Republic are scheduled for January 2023, and with incumbent president Miloš Zeman ineligible to run for another term, speculation is growing over who his successor will be. 

In the March presidential election model, Andrej Babiš (25%) and Petr Pavel (20%) continue to lead the field. Trailing the two main candidates are Pavel Fischer (7.5%), Danuše Nerudová, Josef Středula and Karel Janeček (5% each).

In terms of electoral potential, defined by political scientists as the likelihood of being elected, Petr Pavel leads with a 33.5% chance, followed closely by Andrej Babiš (31.5%). Pavel Fischer has the third highest electoral potential (23.5%), followed by Marek Hilšer (17.5%) and Miroslava Němcová (14%).

Andrej Babiš has most support among ANO 2011 voters (77%), and Petr Pavel among voters of the Pirates and STAN coalition (37%). Voters of the SPOLU coalition most often support Petr Pavel, Pavel Fischer (20% each) and Miroslava Němcová (15%).

As in the last survey, half of respondents planning to vote are still undecided which candidate they will support.

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