This Year’s 22nd Film Festival of the MUNI Faculty of Informatics… From a Different Perspective!

For the 22nd edition of the Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, the organisers are challenging filmmakers with the theme: “From a Different Perspective”. The aim is to encourage students to showcase all of their very different approaches and express their own personal perspectives. Photo credit: Film Festival

Brno, March 30 (BD) – The Film Festival of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University (FFFIMU) is a festival of short student films held every May at the Masaryk University Faculty of Informatics since 2001. The festival presents films of various genres and technical approaches created by students as part of their education in the technical facilities of the Laboratory of Electronic Multimedia Applications (LEMMA).

The theme of this year’s festival, “From a Different Perspective”, refers to the different perspectives and angles that all of us have. In the participating films, the filmmakers will use their own cinematic language to present the world as they see it in a creative way. 

The festival is typically open to films of up to eight minutes in length and film submissions are accessible to anyone, students or not. Photo credit: Film Festival

Students and graduates of Masaryk University who are participating in this festival have usually been created their movies during the last three years. In their courses, students go through the entire creative process, from coming up with themes, through literary and technical scripts, production and editing to post-production, and master the work of writers, directors, cinematographers, sound engineers, producers, editors, actors, and costume designers.

Over the years, the film festival has seen many films which have captured the world from different perspectives. “In making a film, we don’t just have to keep our feet on the ground, but we can experiment and look at the world from a new perspective.” explained the festival organisers. If you want to participate and share your own perspective, film submissions are open until 19 April. 

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To select the winner, filmmakers will be evaluated in two categories, one decided by an independent expert jury, the other by the audience. The author of the winning film in the main category will receive a cash prize, and other winners will receive gifts provided by sponsors. Photo credit: Film Festival.

This year’s festival will take place on 20 May 2022 at Kino Scala and the MUNI Faculty of Informatics.


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