New Collection Point For The Aid of Ukrainian Refugees At Brno-střed Town Hall

A new collection is being organised by Brno-střed Town Hall with the Sant’ Egidio Community for Ukrainian refugees. Basic durable food such as pasta and rice can be donated, as well as hygiene products including pharmaceutical goods. This collection point is open 24/7. Photo credit: Freepik 

Brno, March 25 (BD) – Brno-střed Town Hall, in collaboration with the Sant’ Egidio Community, is organising a collection of basic durable food and hygiene products for refugees from Ukraine. Pasta, rice, canned food, oil, sugar and other non-perishable foodstuffs, as well as much-needed basic pharmaceuticals, can be brought to the Town Hall gatehouse at Dominikánská 2, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

“We have set up a central storage point at the Town Hall, and we provide on-site food collection as well as collection from other smaller collection points around the city. Friends from the community, with the help of volunteers, then pack basic bags of food and drugs for the needy people from Ukraine,” said Petr Štika, secretary of the Office of the Brno-střed Municipal District.  

For the first time, people from Ukraine will be able to pick up the prepared bags with basic foodstuffs on Thursday from 4pm to 6pm at the Brno-střed Town Hall on Dominikánská 2. Volunteers will also deliver them to crisis centres as needed. Credit: Sant’ Egidio Community

People can also contribute financially to the purchase of food by sending it to the transparent account of the Community of Sant’ Egidio for Ukraine.

“We know that there are a lot of collections going on at the moment. Our aim is to make it easier to help people from Ukraine by adding a collection point in the city centre. We have been cooperating with the Sant’ Egidio Community to help those in need for several years, so we have agreed on a joint approach,” added Štika.

More information about the collection can be found on Sant’ Egidio Community website

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