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CZK 610 Million Tax Surplus To Be Shared Between Education, Health, and Other Sectors

Due to a tax surplus in the South Moravian Region, an extra CZK 610 million will be allocated to road repairs, infrastructure building, education, culture and health, including CZK 150 million for the hospital in Znojmo. Photo credit: Freepik.

Brno, Feb 10 (BD) – On February 9th, regional councillors agreed on the distribution of surplus tax revenues from the revised budget for 2021, which must be approved by the South Moravian Regional Assembly next week.

“Thanks to the tax surplus, we were able to distribute CZK 610 million that we had not expected,” said Jan Grolich (KDU-CSL), the South Moravian Governor. “We do not want to overspend these funds. Anyone who knows South Moravia knows where they should be spent. A total of CZK 360 million will go to road repairs and infrastructure building. The remaining quarter of a billion will be invested in regional property.” 

South Moravian Road Administration and Maintenance will receive CZK 200 million for repairs and reconstruction of roads, bridges or for the purchase of technical equipment. Out of the CZK 250 million allocated, some CZK 95 million will go to education, CZK 8 million to culture, CZK 41 million to the social sector and just under CZK 91 million to health.

The region will give CZK 12 million to firefighters and police officers. The money will be used by the South Moravian Fire and Rescue Service to complete the so-called Flashover simulator, which can simulate real fire conditions in indoor spaces. “Thanks to this, firefighters can practice intervention tactics in extreme conditions. Our firefighters are national leaders. Last year, they experienced an unprecedented intervention due to a tornado and managed everything to perfection. We are happy to help them upgrade so that they can maintain that high standard and train new colleagues,” said Grolich.

The region will also purchase modern equipment for the hospital in Znojmo, costing CZK 150 million. The Region will proceed to modernise the workplaces at the Znojmo hospital which are connected to the emergency room. “It is about improving and speeding up the care of patients brought to the hospital by paramedics,” said Grolich. “We need to modernise outdated equipment, beds and other materials in the Znojmo region, especially in departments related to emergency admission. We want to use European money to modernise the hospital’s equipment,” said Grolich.

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