“Perception”: An English-Friendly Theatrical Essay About Life Spent In One Room

Next Wednesday, HaDivadlo presents “Perception”, an English-friendly introspective essay on the melancholy of resistance and freedom in degrowth, and the philosophical significance of doing nothing in one room. Photo credit: Jakub Hrab.

Brno – Jan. 21 (BD) – After two years of intermittent lockdown, many will be familiar with the theme of “Perception”, a new theatrical performance coming to the stage at HaDivadlo next week: “Your room is the centre of the world.”

Written by Ivan Buraj and a collective of other writers, the performance will be staged in Czech with English subtitles, on Wednesday, January 26th at 7pm, at HaDivadlo in Brno’s Alfa pasáž.  

“In the new phase of history determined by the climate crisis, the boundary between work and leisure will have to be redefined,” states the event description. “When actors are on stage, they are working, when they are in their flat, they are at leisure. In modern society, time away from work is filled with activity, we try to spend it productively and this production defines us. But what if a room of an actor’s flat appears on stage? What if the absence of events or conflict jeopardises the actor’s performance? Can this Nothing, which is related to not being productive (so important for a sustainable future), be a theme on its own? Is it possible to depict this Nothing?”

The play thus asks, and maybe answers, some big questions of our times. It will be accompanied by an introduction and subsequent discussion in English. The introduction starts at 6:30pm.

Tickets for the performance are available at GoOut. For more information, see the Facebook event page.

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