Blast Excavation For Žabovřesky Tunnel Under Wilsonův Les To Begin in Spring

In April, drill and blast excavation will begin under Wilsonův Les (“Wilson’s forest”) for the planned Žabovřesky tunnel, which is part of the Žabovřeská Outer City Ringroad (VMO) project. The blasting will continue until the end of 2021. Drivers will be rerouted for two hour intervals twice or in some cases three times a day. Photo Credit: Radka Matuszkova / MMB.

Brno, Mar 19 (BD) – Construction of the Žabovřeská outer city ring road (VMO) has moved on to another significant stage. Rock blasting will soon begin under Wilsonův Les, possibly as early as April, as part of the construction of the Žabovřesky tunnel, where trams will travel at up to 60km per hour. Traffic will be rerouted to protect citizens and ensure that the blasting goes smoothly.

Detailed preparation is needed before blasting to avoid damage to property or personal injury. ‘‘Although the blasting itself lasts only a few seconds, before it can be carried out, it is necessary to divert traffic and clear the road and part of Wilsonův Les. After that, we still have to check everything again from a safety perspective. The whole process will therefore take about one hour, during which it will always be necessary to divert traffic,’’ said David Fiala, Director of the Brno office of the Czech Directorate of Roads and Motorways (ŘSD).

Although 60 minutes is required for the whole operation, drivers will be required to follow alternative routes for two-hour windows during the blasting, in order to accommodate delays caused by weather, operational difficulties, transport of materials, and any other unexpected issues. The two-hour diversions will be in place twice or in some cases three times a day.

Road Closure Times: 

Weekdays from April to December: 11am to 1pm
Weekdays from April to September: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Non-working days/Public holidays from April to December: 9am to 11am and 1pm to 3pm
Non-working days from April to October: 5pm to 7pm

The blasting is expected to start in April, subject to conditions. In summer, weekend closures and further restrictions are anticipated. 

Image: I / 24 Brno, VMO Žabovřeská I – stage II. Credit:  ŘSD.

Traffic will be rerouted in both directions from the Pisárecká tunnel via the overpass to MÚK Hlinky, then along Pisárecká to Veslařská and over Kamenomlýnský bridge back onto the Žabovřeská ring road. New traffic light intersections will be installed at the junction of Veslařská and Kamenomlýnský bridge, and at the branch of Veslařská from Kníničská. Separate arrangements will be in place for vehicles over 6.5 tonnes.

Safe Conduct During Blasting

People in the vicinity of blasting are advised to follow the instructions of construction workers and not park in the area. Listen out for the warning tones that signal the impending blasts and leave the dangerous area immediately.

  1. A long tone will sound twice at least five minutes before blasting starts. This is an instruction to leave the area immediately.
  2.  A long tone will sound once a minute before blasting. 
  3. The blast follows.
  4. After the blast, a long tone will sound again, signifying that it is safe to return to the area. 

In the case of emergency if someone does not manage to leave the area, they can call out ‘‘Stop!’’ or ‘‘Do not blast’’ (Czech: ‘‘Nestřílet!’’). 

Cooperation from residents and visitors to the area is necessary for the blasting work to proceed according to schedule. Any misconduct can cause blasting to be cancelled, which will prolong the construction period. Citizens are asked to cooperate and follow the rules of conduct in this area.

As Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková explained, ‘‘although this work will unfortunately cause temporary inconvenience, the result will be the completion of an important route for car and public transport. And thanks to improved flow of traffic, there will also be an overall improvement in living conditions, including the enhancement of public space around this section of the outer city ring road.’’

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Photos: Blast excavation in Žabovřeská. Credit: Radka Matuszkova / MMB.

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