Trial Vaccination Centre To Open At Brno Exhibition Centre Next Week

The South Moravian Region has decided to begin a trial operation of the large-capacity vaccination centre at the Brno Exhibition Centre (BVV). Five regional vaccination centres will be established in South Moravia, and vaccinations of residents and staff in nursing homes will also begin, performed by mobile medical teams. Photo credit: Freepik

Brno, Jan 8 (BD) – Following a meeting of the Crisis Staff of the South Moravian Region yesterday, the vaccination centre at the Brno Exhibition Centre (BVV) will begin a trial operation next week. Regional vaccination centres will be established in Blansko, Vyškov, Hodonín, Břeclav and Znojmo.

The aim of the vaccination centres is to enable local hospitals to function normally without a large number of visitors that could debilitate operations. According to Jan Grolich, Governor of the South Moravian Region, the vaccination centres are necessary as hospitals are unable to manage large numbers of people on site, due to the limited capacity of parking and logistics. 

As the first to run in trial mode next week, the vaccination centre at BVV will provide a learning experience from its operation for other cities in the area and other regions. Nurses, doctors and administrative staff with recent experience on site will be selected to lead workshops providing feedback from the field. 

The vaccination centre at BVV should be able to handle 3,600 people per day. The region estimates the operating costs, excluding staff costs, to be CZK 1.5 million per month. ‘‘As soon as the teaching hospitals supplement these personnel costs, we will ask the Minister of Health to help us with the financing for this large-capacity vaccination centre,” said Grolich.

Staffing issues in vaccination centres may be resolved with the help of firefighters and police officers, and general practitioners and volunteers will also be asked to help. The South Moravian Region also requested the help of medical high school students in hospitals as part of their work duties. 70 students are helping at the University Hospital of Brno (FN Brno). 

Vaccinations of residents and staff in nursing homes will begin next week with the help of mobile medical teams. The region has recorded interest in being vaccinated from 3,500 residents and 2,000 workers.

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