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New Travel Restrictions on Entering Czech Republic From November 9th

The Ministry of Health has announced new measures which will apply to Czech citizens and foreign nationals abroad who wish to enter the Czech Republic. On Monday, the Czech Republic will join EU member states in adopting European Council recommendations. Title image: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Czech Rep., Nov 6 (BD) – As of midnight on Monday November 9th, new measures will apply for those entering the Czech Republic, introduced by the Ministry of Health. The restrictions will apply to both Czech citizens and foreign nationals travelling into the Czech Republic.

As the coronavirus spread, countries have managed the situation in various ways. Previously, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs used its own system to determine which countries were safe to travel to or not. However, from Monday, the Czech Republic will join the rest of the 27 EU Member States who have agreed to adopt a common approach to travel measures in Europe following the recommendations of the European Council. 

The coordinated approach uses a common map and uniform rules for travel across Europe.  The map gives an overview of the level of risk within countries that is updated at the end of each week. Following data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), countries are classified as: low risk (‘Green’), medium risk (‘Orange’) or high risk (‘Red’). 

As of Monday November 9th, most countries will be ‘red’ for travellers to the Czech Republic. Image source: Czech Foreign Ministry.

Travel Requirements To Enter The Czech Republic 

Travellers from red countries (including Czech citizens and foreign nationals) must complete an arrival form and show a negative PCR test or undergo quarantine upon entering the Czech Republic. 

Travellers from orange countries may arrive without completing an arrival form. However, foreigners who are coming for work or to study must present a negative PCR test before going to their workplace or the educational institution.

Travellers from green countries (including Czech citizens and foreign nationals) do not need to complete an arrival form or undergo a PCR test or quarantine to enter the country. 

The system allows cross-border workers to travel abroad for up to twelve hours without the need for a test. 

Low Risk Countries

From Monday, several European countries, including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, Greece and Sweden will be classified as orange countries. 

Non-EU travellers may enter the Czech Republic from Australia. Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Vatican City, Singapore or Thailand without undergoing a test or quarantine.

The only state which will be green, as of Monday, is the Vatican City. 

The Ministry of Health provides further details on travel from countries according to the level of risk on their English-language website. The up-to-date map can be found on the Czech version of the site.  

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