In Brief: Zelňák Farmers’ Market Season Extended

The vegetable market on Zelný trh (Brno) will operate until November 20th. The season was scheduled to end on the 7th, but Brno-střed District has taken the decision to extend it. The market continues to operate on weekdays and Saturdays, in accordance with the current Covid-19 measures. Photo credit: KB / BD.  

Brno, Nov 3 (BD) – The market on Zelňák will see a longer season this year, as Brno-střed District has postponed the closing date from November 7th to November 20th. 

“The original date for the end of the market season on Zelňák was set according to when preparations for Advent at Zelňák would begin. As we already know that under the current conditions we will not be building a wooden village with 120 stalls and a podium, we will be able to construct several stands and install the Christmas Tree alongside the ongoing operation of the market. I believe that this will help our farmers in particular and that they will be able to sell their produce from this year’s season,” said Ludmila Oulehlová, Brno-střed District council member.

The Zelňák Farmers’ Market has slowed down but is continuing to operate in accordance with the current government measures. The market stands are positioned at least four metres apart in order to comply with the limit of 20 people per 400 square metres. It is prohibited to consume purchased goods on the site of the market. 

“We will be happy if the people of Brno find their way to the center and to our market to support the trade of quality Czech produce,” added Oulehlová.

The market is currently open on weekdays between 6am and 6pm and on Saturdays between 6am and 2pm.

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