Shops and Services to Close from Tomorrow

The government approved new measures this morning. From 6am tomorrow until November 3rd, 2020, all shops will be closed, with the exception of those with basic social functions, such as food stores, drugstores and pharmacies. Most services will also be suspended. Photo: Archive.

Czech Rep., Oct 21 (BD) – Exceptions include shops selling food, fuels, medicine and hygiene products, small animals and food for animals, tobacco, as well as laundromats, towing and repair services, delivery pick-up facilities, ticket offices, funeral services, flower shops and several others.

Citizens should restrict movement and keep contact with others to a minimum, to go to work or gather basic supplies. Hiking in natural locations will be allowed.  

“These measures really reduce contact between people,” said Prymula, adding that this is the only solution at the moment. He also mentioned that the earlier measures were not being followed, so the only solution was to tighten them. According to Prymula, the new measures are “robust, but necessary, as medical personnel are starting to be exhausted and there is a risk of staff shortages.” According to Prymula, 10% of the Czech population are opposed to the measures and are not complying, and another 20% are complying only occasionally.

“We have increased the bed capacity to 15,500, and we have also increased testing capacity,” he added.

Antigen testing is currently being conducted in three locations as a pilot phase of the planned nationwide testing.

The measures will begin to be relaxed when the R number, currently 1.36, decreases, and there are fewer serious cases.

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