New Poll Reveals Czech Distrust of National Political Institutions

The CVVM poll found all national political institutions with negative trust ratings among the Czech public, especially the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. However, the picture is slightly more positive at a local level. Photo credit: ZM / Brno Daily.

Czech Rep., Jul 20 (BD) – A new opinion poll by the CVVM agency has found that the majority of Czechs do not trust their national political institutions, with the President, the Government, and the Chamber of Deputies all recording negative trust ratings.

President Milos Zeman is trusted by 12% of those who responded to the survey, with another 32% saying they mostly trust him. Compared with the 23% who distrust him, and 30% who mostly distrust him, he is left with a negative net trust rating of -9%. The government of Andrej Babis is still less trusted, with a combined 40% of “trust” and “mostly trust”, and 56% “distrust” and “mostly distrust”, a net rating of -16%.

Source: CVVM.

However, the Czech public’s greatest suspicions are reserved for the Chamber of Deputies. Just 4% reported trust in the nation’s legislative chamber, fewer than those who said they didn’t know. 61% of respondents said they fully or partly distrusted the parliament, giving it a net negative of -29%. The reputation of the Senate is also poor, with a net -23% trust rating.

The picture is more nuanced at a regional level, with Regional Assemblies at -2%, and Regional Governors at -9%. However, Czechs are much more trusting when it comes to their municipal leaders; municipal assemblies retain the trust of 60% of their electorate, and local mayors 61%, giving them net trust ratings of +27% and +28% respectively.

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