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Heating Supplies Resumed from Monday as Weather Cools Down

Brno’s heating supply firm, Teplárny Brno, has resumed the supply of heating to the city after temperatures dropped below 13 degrees. While the end of ‘heating season’ is usually not until the end of May, the supply was suspended last Tuesday due to the warm weather. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, May 26 (BD) – After a week-long interruption in service, heating plant Teplárny Brno resumed heating on Monday after temperatures dropped considerably. According to CEO Petr Fajmon, the firm was prepared for the cooling and resumption of supplies, and also wanted to ensure comfortable temperatures for school-children returning to their school desks after a long break.

Teplárny Brno started the 2019/20 ‘heating season’ on September 18th, when temperatures started cooling significantly, with especially low temperatures recorded in the morning. With the onset of warm weather from last Tuesday, Teplárny Brno decided to halt the supply of heating, but has now decided to resume its service given that the weather is cooling down again.

According to a decree by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, the heating period always starts on September 1st and lasts until May 31st the following year. The beginning and end of the heat supply is based on average daily outdoor air temperatures and weather forecasts from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institution. 

Heating plants start supplying heat if the average daily temperature drops below 13°C for two consecutive days and no rise in temperature is expected the next day. The supply is interrupted if the average daily outdoor air temperature rises above 13°C for two consecutive days and a decrease is not expected. 

“Regardless of the resumption of supplies, this year’s heating season will once again be among the warmer ones in the last three decades. In February, for example, the deviation from the long-term normal was more than 4 °C,” said Renata Diatková of Teplárny Brno.

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