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Coronavirus: Update on Situation in South Moravia

This article provides daily updates on the situation in Brno, South Moravia and Czech Republic. Photo credit: Freepik / For illustrative purposes.

Brno, Mar 18 (BD) [updated 7:25 PM] – The South Moravian Region (JMK) now has 41 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

According to the Czech Ministry of Health, as of 6pm, there were 522 confirmed cases of COVID-19 from over 7,664 tested in the Czech Republic (the number of tests is updated daily in the morning). Three people have recovered.

The Ministry of Health has published an interactive map of locations for coronavirus testing. In Brno, people can visit the drive-through tents at University Hospital Bohunice from 7am-7pm at the moment. Mobile testing units are continuing to carry out home testing.

The government has today moved to make it compulsory to cover your mouth and nose in all public places from midnight tonight (March 18-19). No mask is 100% effective in preventing spreading, but all facial coverings, even just a scarf, do reduce the risk of infection.

From March 19th, only staff and people over 65 will be allowed in Czech grocery stores between 10am and 12noon, to ensure supplies reach the most vulnerable citizens.

Skoda and Skoda Digilab have provided over 100 vehicles for healthcare staff, to help those in need and to distribute supplies and groceries. 150 of Skoda’s Be Rider electric scooters have also been made available. The vehicles will be used by the City of Brno (10 vehicles) and several non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic, such as the Red Cross and Adra. Skoda will also provide insurance for the vehicles.

Shortly after midnight, a plane with quick-tests from China landed at Kbely airport, and are now being delivered to medical facilities across the country. Almost 700,000 masks found in a warehouse belonging to a company in Lovosice on Tuesday have also started being distributed. Further medical supplies should arrive from China over the weekend. China has successfully controlled the spread of the virus and is now reporting more cases brought in from abroad than spread by community transfer within the country.

The Czech Koruna has weakened significantly. For the first time since June 2015, it today reached an exchange rate with the Euro of 27.50 CZK/EUR. Against the dollar, the exchange rate exceeded 25 CZK/USD for the first time since April 2017.

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