Brno Family: Finding a Restaurant for a Family Meal

XXXLutz is a German furniture store that has a large Kids’ Corner and diner-like menu. Photo credit: Bruno Zalubil.

As a parent, you try to do the right things for your kids: keep them safe, keep them healthy and try to make things fun.  

With that in mind, the wife and I recently reserved a table literally inside of the Kids’ Room of a local restaurant. It seemed like the perfect location. We could monitor the kids from a close distance; we would give them decent food; and they would have fun.  

Big mistake.  

The balls from slide pit ended up in our food. The table (and its large chairs) did not really fit in the space. We ended up dealing with a bully kid who didn’t want to let other kids into the enclosed trampoline. And the noise! The NOISE NOISE NOISE!   

We envied the people just on the other side of the enclosed room.  

* * *  

There are, however, many restaurants that can combine safety, health and fun in a dedicated area for children known as a dětský koutek or kids’ corner. Often there are just random toys of varying levels of cleanliness. Some restaurants, however, go all out for the family customer and set aside a room with a jungle gym and slides and swings.  

Recently, my family and I have been actively going to local family restaurants. We want to give our kids experiences and we want them to practice for when we attend weddings and large social events. And we want the kids to be kids and have fun. Mostly, though, after ballet on Thursday night, mom and dad, who both work full-time jobs, don’t feel like cooking anything (and we don’t want to order delivery pizza too often).  

Here is a rundown of the places that we have tried, in the order in which we went to them.  

• Babeta 

This is a favorite of my family. We have gone there many times, particularly when we have extended family in town. It has become our place for St. Martin’s Day feasts. The food is excellent. The kids’ corner is not large but it has enough to keep the kids happy so that you can enjoy your meal.  

Click here for the website.  

Podsedky 728, Bohunice 

• Restaurace Hnízdo 

This restaurant is connected to Bruno Family Fun Park but you can go there as though it were a regular restaurant. It looks more elegant than one would expect, and attracts a professional lunch crowd. However, it has a back room with a lot of space for the kids to spread out and play.  

Click here for the website.  

Kigginsova 2, Brno-Slatina 

• Vulcano Grill & Beer Restaurant  

Though the name makes this restaurant sound like a tough-guy place, what with the “grill” and the “beer”, there is actually a nice kids’ corner. It includes the normal array of toys. It also has a television monitor that shows animated videos. Nearby tables make supervising kids easy. It is not an enclosed space so the noise is not amplified. The food is great.  

Click here for the website.  

Čeňka Růžičky 2, Bohunice 

• Restaurace Princezna 

If you want a more rustic experience, this restaurant is on the north shore of Brno Lake. It is near the end of the road so you can park and go for a short hike to explore the western part of the lake. Then, on the way back, stop in for a meal. The restaurant feels like a mountain cabin. In the summer it has a large outdoor seating area that is popular with cyclists. The kids’ corner is small but effective.  

Click here for more information.  

Hrázní 312/9, north shore of Brno Lake 

• La Patas 

This is a popular place with a room that is basically a jungle gym with a lot of crawl spaces. It is often overflowing with kids and there are often parents standing at the outside searching for their kids. The pizza is good. There is an outdoor garden that is nice in the summer. It is a bit off of the beaten path, especially if you take public transportation. For cars there is a dedicated parking area.  

Click here for more information.  

U Leskavy 39, Brno-Starý Lískovec 

• Like-It Brunch & Pizza Restaurant 

First, don’t sit at the table inside the enclosed kids’ room. Second, this place, which is connected to La Patas, Vulcano and By The Way at Viktoria Centrum in Komarov, has good pizza. The chicken strips, which are covered in cornflakes, and the fries are overly greasy and made everyone queasy. This is also the place that, on our first attempt to eat there, was closed for cleaning, something that could easily have been posted on its website or Facebook page.  

Click here for the website.  

Benešova 166, Modřice 

• Správné místo 

On a Sunday afternoon after a kids’ theatrical performance, we went with a group to this restaurant. The dining room with the play area had been reserved, but the waitress brought toys to the main dining room specifically for our group of four toddlers. The food was excellent, including a classical choice (svíčková) and a more modern option (salmon sandwich). The kids all had chicken schnitzel, and didn’t feel unwell afterwards.  

Click here for the website.  

Husitská 3, 612 00 Brno-Královo Pole 

• XXXLutz 

Several people had recommended this place. I was skeptical. Why go to a huge German furniture store out on the highway to eat? Nevertheless, XXXLutz was a great experience (except for an older boy who briefly treated the jungle gym as his fiefdom). The restaurant serves comfort food, like what you would get at an American diner. Nothing spectacular. Just good food. On a weeknight last week, it was basically empty, so that mom and dad could enjoy their meal, including a dessert.  

Click here for the website.  

Splaviska 1154, Modřice (Across Highway D2 from Olympia Shopping Mall) 

* * *  

There are definitely many more places that we have not yet tried. What is your favorite place to take kids? Why? Is it good for toddlers or older kids? Please share.  

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